What is a "Brew Bar & Lounge?"

Our Brew Bar and Lounge is an intersection of specialty coffee, cold-pressed juices, food evolution, technology, and ambiance rolled into a swanky, approachable cocktail lounge.

Town Center Cold Pressed has always been interested in the next thing. Originally we were a juicery and then evolved into a fast casual cafe by partnering with Executive Chef Michael Holdcraft, who heralded to us from the Ritz Carlton. With juice and food as our strength, coffee evolution and mastery feels like the next natural step. Rather than do what we’ve already done, we’ve set out to create a new concept infusing our strengths, juice and food, with the best in coffee technology and roasting, and pairing all of these up to expand on the already happening movement of Coffee and Good Spirits. The Brew Bar and Lounge is our coffee introduction to the community. With this end in mind we partnered with Brenda Jolly, coffee roaster and our resident coffee expert. Combining our resources and expertise to bring you a concept we have traveled far and wide and haven’t found.

All of production happens during the day, coffee roasting and packaging, beverage creation, cuppings and cold brew and kombucha brewing then as day turns to night we open our doors for a wonderful infusion of specialty coffee, cocktails and tapas.  

To discover more about our concept check out our blog, menu and sign up for updates. We are always excited to share the creativity coming from our roasters, barista and bartenders. 


Probat P12-2: For 150 years Probat has been building the finest roasters helping specialty coffee roasters create a superlative result from each and every bean.  The roaster is outfitted with the latest in roasting technology offering variable drum roasting speeds and electronic airflow control giving our roasters precise control over small and large batch sizes. It is also outfitted with the latest roasting software allowing our roasters to capture precise roasting data and create limitless roasting profiles.



    La Marzocco | Linea Classic: Fine espresso machines, hand made in Florence, Italy since 1927. A specialty coffee icon, the workhorse of a high-volume cafe.



      HARIO V60s: The HARIO V60 is the most sophisticated of pour over drippers.  Our baristas can change the flavor tailored to various preferences by adjusting the brewing method while ensuring a proper extraction of delicious taste and aroma from the coffee beans.  Our goal is to create the perfect taste and aroma for each of our specialty coffees. 

      HARIO Smart Beam Heaters: A halogen heater with a soft and beautiful light boils water creating the optimal environment for syphon brewing.   This visually stimulating presentation uses precise time and temperature to yield a clean, aromatic cup that engages all the senses.