The Coffee Plant

Our Roastery blog seeks to keep you growing in your love and knowledge of coffee. In order to lay a great foundation for the topics ahead, we wanted to take a look at the plant, parts of the bean, and why these factors are important to what’s in your cup.  

The first thing should know, is that coffee is a shrub. When our farmers plant their first initial shrubs it takes four years for them to yield a harvest. After that first year, they can then harvest annually. Obviously, a lot of work and a lot of love goes into our beans before they ever hit your cup. The coffee “bean” is actually the seed inside the cherry on the shrub. When those cherries are picked the layers of fruit, mucilage and parchment play a role in the ending notes in your cup. During processing (to be discussed in next weeks blog) the skin, fruit (mucilage), parchment and silver skin may be removed soon after harvesting or may be left on to dry and impart into the bean. Depending on how these layers are treated during processing plays a major role on the end result. In an aim to provide education and inspire intrigue, processing methods can be found on all our bags. We encourage you to try different methods and explore which you prefer.