Tokyo, JapanLike all good history, there is more than one side and a few different versions. While living in Tokyo we experienced history from a whole new vantage point. The origins of coffee are no different. Sworded tales of stolen royal gifts and funny stories of overactive goats. Whatever the truth maybe we thought you'd enjoy some tidbits on the origins of coffee.  

One tale tells that all coffee heralds from the beloved Ethiopia, all specialty coffee lovers know an Ethiopian is essential to a great coffee line up. A coffee plant was moved to Yemen and then stolen by the Dutch and planted on the Island of Java. The Dutch wanted to take the King of France a royal gift and what better than a budding coffee plant. Kind of funny when you think about it since coffee is a shrub. Who gives a king a shrub? Thankfully, the Dutch did. This plant was fostered in a greenhouse and its seeds eventually made their way around the world accounting for much of the coffee we have today.  

Ethiopia, Coffee

In other news, legend has it coffee made its way onto the international scene by inspiring goats with a caffeine buzz. A young, Ethiopian farmer watched his goats tirelessly prance after gnawing through a certain shrub. Curious he decided to grab some for himself, having enjoyed the boost he took some back to his village. Low and behold the village at large fell in love with the magical plant. News of this fortuitous plant spread and the human race has been enjoying coffee every since.